Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This & That

Weekly picture time. Not my favorite day of the week, but one day I'll be glad I did this, right!? From now on I plan to make an effort to take these pictures in the same shirt each time, so I can be sure I'm giving myself an accurate portrayal of what's goin' on with my bod. According to my last weigh in,(Saturday)I didn't lose anything last week! Boo. Anyway, I'm not happy that I didn't lose weight. Not happy at all. But, I didn't say fuck it and grab some french fries for dinner like I might have done in the past and I worked my butt off in the gym last night, so I'll just have to see what happens next week. Fat is weird.(And gross, unattractive, and jiggly) Some weeks it flies right off, and I lose 5 pounds, then the next week, nada. I'm stepping up the work outs this week, and on Tues/Thurs I'll be working out twice a day. Hopefully this will lead to a happy weigh in on Saturday morning.
As promised, here is a picture of the overnight oats that I had for breakfast this morning:
They were very chocolatey! I'm not a big fan of chocolate(Shocking, I know) and I especially don't like fruit and chocolate combined, but for some reason the combo of the cold oats, the cocoa powder, and the bananas worked for me. I've already made a batch for tomorrow using pumpkin, vanilla protein powder, and pomegranate greek yogurt. I'll add some kind of fruit on top tomorrow, too.
You really can add anything you want to these. I've seen chocolate chips, peanut butter, caramel, etc! Sounds more like a sundae, sometimes. Speaking of, watch the calories on this if you are trying to lose weight. Luckily, it is really filling, because the calorie content doesn't really allow me to have a late morning snack. The number of calories vary depending on your "add-ins", but just to give you an idea, the oats above rang in at a hefty 429. They are all good for you calories, so I try not to worry about it too much.

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