Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chicken Head

This morning I had plans with one of my best friends to go to a little festival in Lilburn, GA. I didn't exactly have high expectations for this event because I've never really thought of Lilburn as a happenin', artsy area of town. I still don't. (I am a little biased because I live in the coolest spot in Atlanta...however I also only occupy 600sq/ft of said coolest spot in Atl. Give and take people.) But, the festival was much better than expected! There were tons of vendors with all kinds of fun stuff! Everything from beautiful jewelry to a woman selling socks with black bottoms so you don't have to wash them. Um, gross.
Photographic evidence of previously mentioned festival fun.

We visited with my best friends brothers girlfriend.(Ya get all that?) This was our original reason for going since she had a booth set up for her photography business, Sweetpea's Lifestyle Photography. Her booth was really cute, and I entered my brother and his wife in a drawing for a free photo shoot with her. I'm using The Secret to ensure that they win. ;)
Obviously, I couldn't go to an event like this and not get some festival food. I did manage to pass on the funnel cake though, and instead I got an arepa. To me, it seemed like a Colombian version of a grilled cheese. I ate it right up, and forgot to take a picture. I'm new to this bloggin' thing. I apologize.

Afterwards I headed over to my parents house to check on their dog, as well as my dog niece since the rest of the fam is in the mountains for the day.

Lucy + Bogie = BFF

Lucy is a "labbie mix" and Bogie is a plain old black lab. They are both super sweet rescue pups with the most bizarre amazing personalities. You may wonder how I got them to sit still long enough to take a picture. Well, when I got to my parents I saw that my mom left a package by the front door for me. Apparently, they thought the box was filled with bacon because when I sat down to open it, this is what they did. 
Take a look at the goodies that were really inside:

These bars are great. They range from 170-230 calories per bar, which is a little high, but for a non-breakfast eater like me, they are perfect to use as a meal replacement in the morning. The Sesame & Peanut w/ Chocolate KIND bar is nearly impossible to find in my local grocery store. The box that holds them in the health food aisle is always empty. Womp. Womp. Luckily, I have a very kind mom, and she ordered me a whole box of 'em! Along with a box of the always delicious Luna Bar! I've never tried a Luna Bar that I didn't like, but Chocolate Dipped Coconut is definitely a favorite.
These are nothing like the chewy, artificial, protein bars of the past. Seriously, I had a PowerBar once and I thought I might cry. So if you've had a similar experience give these a try. Hmm...maybe these companies should be sending me these bars for free. If not for my ringing endorsement, then definitely for my rhymes. ;)

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