Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The 5 W's

Well, that would be me. I am a twenty-something native Atlantan. I like to think I'm a funny, big-hearted, slightly Southern, and super genuine girl.
A place for me to document my messes and successes. 
It's time to get this party started.  ASAP.
That's a loaded question! I am doing this for a few reasons. I read a few "healthy living" blogs, and hopefully I will one day be able to write from their point of view. You know, the "after", once all the excess weight is gone, eating healthy becomes second nature, and I'm going to the gym because I just love workin' out, it's so gosh darn fun, and it makes me feel good. For now, though, I'm a "before". You know, the still got a whole lot to lose, thinkin' about bagels a couple times a day, pretty sure lunges should be included in prison sentences stage. I have an amazing real life support system, but a little extra accountability never hurt anyone, especially in the land of weight loss, so here we go!
Right here!

It's not always gonna be pretty, but I promise to be 100% honest, and hopefully a little witty.

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